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Howdy, y'all!  Please make yourself at home on this website.  Here you will find various resources and information to help assist you in your musical studies.  

If you are newly looking to study music or are already a seasoned musician who wants to brush-up and get constructive feedback, you have come to the right place!  Lessons and coaching are available for voice (all genres), vocology (vocal habilitation and damage prevention), violin, viola, 'cello, beginning piano, and general musicianship/theory.   Lessons are available in-person at my studio in Nashville, TN or via Skype* (exceptions apply) from your favorite location. 


Why Study with James? 

(1) A proven track record of success:  students are professional musicians, amateur musicians, pre-college and collegiate-level musicians of all ages.   My students have gone on to roles in amateur and professional local, regional and national productions, have won spots in various professional and scholastic honors choirs and orchestras, have been accepted into prestigious schools of music and conservatories, and have earned thousands of dollars in music scholarships.

(2) Study with a teacher who is tech savvy.  Every lesson comes with detailed lesson notes e-mailed directly after the session.   There is no more guesswork in trying to remember the details of your session.  Online resources are used to help you learn.   Keep your practice logs online and receive notes and answers to your questions without ever having to step into the studio allowing you to come to your lessons thoroughly prepared. Lesson Recording available by request, as well.  

(3) Lessons include an account to the studio website.  The website allows you to be able to check lesson notes, attendance, book-keeping and even pay online via credit card!   No more having to remember a check book!  You can pay from your own home.

(4) Affordable, quality music-education.  Limited need-based scholarships for lessons also available.  Scholarship information and rates available upon request.  


New Students:  If you haven't already, please register for your account.    Visit the Registration tab at the top to register for your free account.  This will help us keep better in touch with each other and with your goals!

Good luck and happy (note) hunting!



James Westerfield

P.S. -- Practice makes permanent!


Studio J

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Music City, USA



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